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Family sponsor

Gift your loved one a trusted WeVisitor



We’ll match your loved one with a young companion who shares their interests


Your loved one

Your loved one has a companion, an extra set of hands, and someone to learn with each week

We think of ourselves as a team of grandchildren.

Our students are caring young people interested to learn, share time and help your loved one with their odd jobs. We help keep families connected by sharing snippets of our visits and stories from the past with your family!

WeVisitors are vetted, trusted, and trained

Every WeVisitor is personally selected based on their character and after clearing a NZ Police check, is trained with best practice skills on in-home companionship and care.

WeVisitors are carefully matched with your loved one based on mutual-shared interests, and this relationship is continually monitored to ensure the match remains suitable for both your loved one and you.

Are you a caring and engaged young person?

WeVisitors are part of a community of young people who are dedicated to ensuring older generations receive companionship and regular social contact. As a WeVisitor you'll be paid for your time, and will make new friends and learn valuable lessons from supporting somebody from a generation different than your own.

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Our values



Ordinary people who want to increase the collective understanding of ‘other’



Our individual and collective well-being depends on our human interactions



Trusting our instincts and the good that exists in every person

Shared Wisdom

Shared wisdom

Intergenerational relationships facilitate learning for young and old